3 Quick Tips You Have To Know About Medium Format Photography

Some key advice was bestowed on the Photodom Discord about shooting medium format cameras, here’s the latest knowledge from the local photographers.

Shot By Dominick Lewis using Provia 100 with a Mamiya 6 camera

Pictureman Bob: Consider your framing while composing your shots, and play around with different depths of fields to see what your vibe is!

Photo by Avery “AJ” Munroe

Anthony Tripoli: I see a lot of new shooters putting their subject dead center because that’s where the focus patch is, but then not readjusting after achieving focus. This leads to a lot of portraits with a ton of headroom. We’re all guilty of it from time to time, and shit sometimes it looks good, but it’s something to be aware of especially when shooting portraits. With that being said, if you like portraits with a ton of head room, do what makes you happy, but it does seem to be a common theme I see online/Youtube with people shooting film, and especially medium format.

Jon Henry: “Get a second film back if you can. So you can use 2 different film types.”

Check out the community on Discord! Chill with the community that loves photography just like you, and can give you all the tips and tricks to grow in as a visual artist. Also stay tuned for updates, giveaways, and special events that will be featured on the server.

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