4 Reasons Why You Gotta Shoot In Black And White

Shot By Jean Andre

It’s Timeless

Black and white just creates an artistic drama that color just can’t touch! It can turn New York City into an introspective dream (which makes me think of Cherish the Day by Sade, which more than likely shot on Kodak 5222 Double X)

It can also fully embody the moody noir atmosphere of a stormy day . Black and white film is basically a love letter to NYC, it can fully capture the elegance and grit that the city envelopes. If you live here, GIT YOU SOME! Also, black and white creates such an aura of timelessness that can’t be compared. You’d be surprised at how color can actually date a photo, through the transparency of the elements within the frame. Either the specific fashion choices of the model, or even in the particular style that you choice to document, can often be placed in a particular place in time. Yet black and white removes that elemental specificity while making up for it in timeless depth. Was this film take today or in 1987? It’s hard to say. That’s a beautiful way to capture life and art that is completely within and yet outside of time.

Shot By Bob Greco
Shot By Shawn Prigden

It’s Wintertime!

Shot By Shawn Prigden

It’s winter time now and the leaves on the trees are long gone. It’s time for the world to enter its barren season to refresh and renew. That’s just a really nice way to say that it’s freezing outside. If you dare to venture out into the thick of it, black and white film is the best to capture the season. We live in a cool toned world until March/April, so what better what to document by using black and white film!

Shot By Jean Andre
Shot By Dominick Lewis

It’s WAY Cheaper Than Color

We already know how Kodak film prices are expensive and on the rise. I’ve seen Portra 800 at over $20 a roll at some places. That’s actually insane. Kodak has abandoned the little guy for HBO’s production of Euphoria (haha). Meanwhile, back at the film fridge, Ilford sits pretty at $7.50 to $8.50 a roll, Holga is even cheaper at $4.99, and Fomapan is $5.99. Your most expensive roll of black and white film is $14.99. You really can’t beat that! Also, we have a brand NEW black and white film in stock from black owned company, The New Classic. Come get you some!

Color film is not only expensive, but quite scarce. At Photodom, we haven’t seen a box of Portra 400 in 35mm stock in more than a month! However black and white film is readily available. It’s good to have stability in supplies when creating art, so you can always bet that black and white film will be there for you.

It’s A Foolproof way to make your images pop

Shot By Jean Andre

If you are a novice in photography, black and white film provides a much easier learning curve. The lack of color actually serves as a major advantage for you, as it provides clearer indicators for the balance of lighting and composition. It’s easier to understand how and why a particular photograph produced the results it did. Then after you master black and white, you can deliver fabulous results on color, without feeling the hefty price tag.

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