5 Black Women Photographers To Follow Right Now on Instagram

  • Armanda Colson. Armanda is a black photographer living her best life in Singapore. Her work is all about celebrating life in living color, as her style is natural, lush and vibrant! Here’s a small taste of her work, but there’s more where that came from. Check out her Instagram profile and website for more art!
  • Kaylen Durant. Kaylen’s work is colorful and artistic, as she celebrates femininity through the lens of Pantone pin up. Sexy comes in all shades of the rainbow!
  • Cirsty Burton. Cirsty is a triple threat as a photographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist! What can’t this woman do? She will ultimately convince you that black women are ART, as her subjects are presented in such in a way that is fantastical and sublime. Take a peek!

4. Laylah B. Laylah is a prolific photojournalist who captures humanity in the most straightforward and authentic way. Check out the captions to her Instagram posts! The stories that live behind each person in these photos are emblematic of life in all its forms.

5. Ariella Imena. Ariella deserves all the shine as she takes beauty and lifestyle portraits that are moody and imaginative. Also her double exposure shots are next level! Check out her creations here.

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