5 Reasons Why Lomography is Ahead In the Analog Game

  1. Variety in film selection-Lomography has an ample selection of film in 100, 400, and 800 ISO settings. Each film stock is fantastic quality with vibrant colors and fine grain quality. Check out the these beautiful photos in 400 ISO, shot by Rhianne! Check out her blog here.

2. Consistent Stock Levels

Some film companies love to stay in scarcity with their products (ahem Kodak) but Lomography keeps their film in continual supply. Now granted, this may be due to the fact that Lomography is a smaller company that is not as internationally known, but that actually makes a greater case against bigger companies in a way. How are you going to be a huge establishment, and be sold out of everything? So we can’t get any Colorplus, Ultramax, or Gold? Hmm? Hmmmmm?

3. Super Selection of Cameras and Accessories

Firstly, there are so many cameras to choose from it’s almost overwhelming. Also, whoever takes the time to design and create these devices has landed smack dab in the corner of creativity and innovative technology. Do you want a camera that allows you to create your own gel lens by putting your OWN liquid it? Check out the HydroChrome Camera! (Also check out their liquid guide here) If you want a travel-size medium format camera that transforms from lo-fi realness to pinhole panoramic greatness, the Diana F camera may be calling your name. If you want to take some crisp, beautiful Instant photographs, the Lomography Instant Wide camera is better than every Instant Fuji camera out there (yeah I said it), due to the quality of the lenses and the variety of selection they provide.

4. The Google of Analogue

Lomography has singlehandedly become the Google of analog photography. Are you unsure of how a particular film stock performs? Are you interested in buying a particular camera and want to see how photos are shot with it? Simply search for it on the Lomography website and you will be presented with a number of images that have been submitted by the analog community around the world! There are over 16 million images that have been compiled on the site, and more are added by the day. This pic-tionary has been SUPER helpful for me working at Photodom, as we have a number of film stocks and so many of them are introduced to clients for the very first time. Nothing provides stronger ease of mind, than actually seeing how each film stock performs, and one can note the constant factors of the film/camera’s performance through the different photographs. It is definitely invaluable in more ways than one. Lomography is setting the bar!

5. Experimental Film Stocks

This brand really kicks it up a notch by providing so many different types of film to choose from. Dare to shoot someone in a purple wonderland by buying a roll of Lomo Purple film. If you want to capture the city streets in muted yet dramatic tones, check out Metropolis. How about creating a super vintage vibe with their Redscale film. Also, did I forget to mention that they carry their film stocks in 35mm, 120, AND 110? It is so hard to find 110 film, Lomography is looking out for y’all with those kinds of cameras.

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