Shedrick Pelt

Shedrick Pelt is a D.C. creative originally from Huntsville, Alabama by way of Harlem, New York. Committed to culture and community, Shedrick has worked as a photographer, designer, and creative director for 10+ years, primarily focused on photojournalism and portrait, music, and commercial photography. Shedrick has been a collaborator with community arts groups such as Story District, Dupont Underground, ExposedDC, and ParklifeDC since 2018. In 2020, Shedrick curated the popular rise up. exhibition at Dupont Underground, where he also serves as a cultural ambassador. The exhibition featured local photography highlighting the 2020 Uprising in D.C., which garnered him extensive media attention. Shedrick has released two photo books: 2009 and Beyond (2018) featuring a decade of work with up-and-coming musicians, and We Keep Us Safe (2020) documenting civic actions in and around D.C. Shedrick began his career in live music photography, and has worked on the official SXSW photo crew since 2015 and collaborated with dozens of artists across the US. Shedrick is currently a Board member at Focus On The Story and a collaborator on their upcoming photo book Transition, which captures the 2020 presidential transition. Shedrick has been featured in exhibitions at ICP (NYC), Center for Photography at Woodstock, Dupont Underground, ExposedDC, and Washingtonian Magazine, and has been profiled by numerous radio stations and podcasts in D.C. and Alabama. Shedrick’s has been chosen to be featured at the Phillips Collection in the upcoming exhibition ‘Inside Outside, Upside Down’.

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