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Street Candy releases ultra realistic black and white film

Hold the press, Street Candy created ANOTHA ONE, a brand new black and white film called Mountain (MTN) 100. It’s totally different from its counterpart ATM, by having “panchromatic emulsion” which is a fancy way of saying that it reproduces images that are pretty close to how we see in real life. It’s basically capturing every spectrum of light, yet within the scope of black and white.

Here’s an idea of what Panchromatic film looks like!

New Scanning guide from Negative Supply allows you to scan images from home!

Negative Supply is taking home lab products to the next level! If you ever get tired of waiting for your favorite photo lab to finish scanning your images, now you can do it from the comfort of your own home. This new scanning guide will allow you to combine both the worlds of Digital and analog photography, by using your digital camera as a scanner and your smart phone as a light source, to scan a full roll of film in less than two minutes! Stay tuned, as this innovative technology will be arriving soon.

Dubblefilm releases a NEW “SHOW” camera!

Dubblefilm is really all about the vibes. This company has created some super fun, affordable and vibrant cameras, and they have recently launched a pastel turquoise joint that will put you right smack dab in the 80s. Super cute and sublime, you can put any 35 mm film inside this camera and go out on the town. Coming soon to Photodom!

Stay tuned to our Instagram posts and stories for the release of these products to our store!

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