Cop the New Products at Photodom!

Smile Film

A Photodom Exclusive! After all we went through in 2020, we deserve some joy! Grab a roll of smile film and shoot to your heart’s content.

Photodom Jibbitz

Show your love for all things photography, by adorning your crocs with some brand new Jibbitz! Get 1 for $4.99 or grab the whole gang of 7 for $30.99

Harman Camera

We now have Harman’s reusable film camera in stock! Every pack comes with two rolls of Kentmere Pan black and white film, but you can also reload the camera with any film that is 35mm.

Ilford Camera

Ilford created a reusable camera with flash capabilities! If you ever need a lightweight camera to document your travels, cop one of these instead of a one time use disposable. It takes all 35 mm film and just needs an AA battery for the flash.

Lomography Reloadable Cameras

Get a taste of Lomography creativity! The Optimistic Ox camera is preloaded with Metropolis film, and also has three portable color gels, giving you the option to experiment with your own unique color flashes! The Simple Use Film Camera is preloaded with the Lady Grey film, a tonal black and white, which gives you the chance to make things dramatic and noir. Each camera is reloadable which allows you to continually use it over again. The small switch on the side of the camera allows you to easily remove it for processing, and put another one in to begin snapping all over again!

At Photodom, we always have something new and excited to peak your artistry. Come check out the new products and let us know in the comments if there are any products you are interested in us having!

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