Film For Change: Ways You Can Support Ukraine

Are we living in the Twilight Zone? After the global pandemic, the death of George Floyd, a changing political landscape, and now Russia’s war on Ukraine is just too much. Earth is ghetto, I wanna leave.

Here are some ways to use your photography to support the people of Ukraine who are losing their homes and safety by the second.


Kono is submitting all the proceeds from their Monolit 64 film to the Red Cross to help Ukraine. This is a crisp black and white film that is created by Kono’s partner Svema in Oblast, Sumy. They officially reached their goal of 1200 EUR and all rolls are currently sold out. bulk loads a black and white film called Santa 1000 which was originally Russian air surveillance film. To support Ukraine, they have vowed to cease purchase of the film until there is a regime change, and they will be donated all profits from the film (projected at 35,000 EUR) when all rolls are sold.

Bushwick Community Darkroom

BCD is doing the Lord’s work by selling some really beautiful prints to support the individuals suffering in Ukraine. Proceeds currently go to Sunflowers of the Peace.

We definitely commend the film companies that are working hard to help the people of Ukraine. Please comment below if you know of any more film brands that are dedicated to the humanitarian efforts through this crazy war.

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