Euphoria is Getting All The Film We’ve Been Craving

So we’ve discovered that the entire second season of Euphoria was shot on Ekatchrome, and though the results are absolutely stunning to behold. However, I can’t help but feel a slight tingling sensation racing through my heart that feels dare I say it….cynical or do I detect the ebbing blossom of jealousy in my heart?

It’s an interesting realization, to find that if you’re a regular photographer who wants to shoot this precious slide film (or any color film for that matter), Kodak has a major film shortage, and produces something that is laughable and out of touch with their common consumer. It’s like being in a toxic relationship where you love your partner (Kodak) so much, you fight for the relationship, give them constant support and money, while they only give you the crumbs (some janky Black and White disposable camera) ONLY to FIND OUT…

They are cheating on you with some big time, hot shot Hollywood production. The only thing that Sam Levinson had to do was call Kodak up and they just magically converted the factory to CREATE Ekatchrome for the show. Oh ok. So y’all just gonna leave us small potatoes behind eh? Hmm? HMMMM? So you can’t just siphon off a few thousand boxes of the good stuff for us?

The Good Stuff
Also the Good Stuff

Of course this groundbreaking, visually captivating show needs its things, but what about US KODAK?! Y’all just going to abandon us regular photographers/cinematographers out here? That’s ok, that’s ok! We see you out here. We are the ones that consistently love you, day in and day out, shooting rolls on our beautiful vintage cameras and processing them by hand. Once this big time show uses you up, they are gonna LEAVE YOU KODAK!

All jokes aside, it’s really awesome that film is being reproduced for major productions. Moving pictures are Kodak’s first love, and its beautiful to see companies really stretch their artistic capabilities by returning to the medium started the game. The Director of Photography, Marcell Rev is genius, as each shot is quite literally a photograph. There is so much talent in front and behind the scenes, (did y’all know Degrassi Alum, Champagne Papi aka Drake is an Executive Producer?), and its amazing to see what happens when the sky is the limit!

I hope that Kodak take’s a hint from the popularity of the show and increases production of the 35, 120, and Super 8 Ekatchrome film stocks. Life imitates art, and vice versa, I could definitely see Euphoria inspiring people to create their own cinematic creations.

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