Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Take Your Photography To New Heights

  1. Placing people off-center at one of the junctions of the rule of thirds.

There are multiple reasons you want to set your model to the side, one being you want your composition to be appreciated. There is more to the picture you’re capturing than just your model. There is the negative space, elements, color, random passerby, you name it. They all come together to help highlight and play off each other. Your eyes typically seek out the center of a picture, so before they meet the model give them a tour of your composition.

2.) The lower the aperture, the better isolated the subject will be.

When you lower the aperture, you let in more light and create a nice depth of field. This will help in making the background blurry and driving more attention to the model. Now your model doesn’t have to be at the center of the frame, but they are still the centerpiece.

3.) Use a short telephoto lens

With these types of lenses, you can get closer to your model and fill up the frame better with just their face. They also make the subject appear closer to the camera. One of the best lenses to use if you want a more intimate shot. This helps the composition “breathe” and help you get a better sensibility of the model. You see the look in their eye, the crinkle in their lip, and many more fine details that you usually get lost when you shoot on a standard 35mm lens.

4.)Use gels and props

If you are getting tired of the limitations of portrait, create concepts with gels and props. Help land us in the middle of a scene from an epic or dire cinema piece. This doesn’t have to be some kind of gun, elaborate sword, treasure chest, or briefcase. This can be a cigarette, microphone, camera, newspaper, etc. It just has to be an extension of the person you’re shooting.

5.) Don’t crop people’s limbs or at the joints.

A good rule of thumb is if it bends don’t crop it. You want to elongate your model and flatter their overall appearance. Also avoid cropping at the chin, it tends to make one’s face look TOO elongated.

Hope these tips help! Leave a comment below if you have any additional tips and tricks to help your fellow photographer.

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