How Take Care Of Your Film Camera and Its Counterparts

Old cameras are like cars, they require relatively low maintenance, BUT consistency in upkeep is key. In order to increase the longevity of your camera, here are some tips to keep it running even longer.


Don’t drop it– This is a no brainer but it still rings true. Remember your camera is OLD, and like your grandma, she is strong, but delicate. Try to not drop this thing. Think of it this way, your camera is a small piece of history. It has come a long way and probably has passed through many hands. How many times do you suppose, this camera tumbled down to the depths below? Ok, perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic here, but let’s be honest. Camera repair is virtually a thing of the past, and if you find a shop that can take it under it’s wing, it could be very expensive or they may not even touch it if it is a point and shoot. Just saying, try to give it the same tender love and care of a newborn baby.

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No moistureBe sure to keep your camera way from the window. You would be amazed at how much moisture seeps into the camera and causes mold, which will ultimately break the camera down and will also degrade your film. It’s really just as good as putting your camera outside and subjecting it to the elements.

Keep It In A Case/Bag-This is vital. If you have all of your pieces in the same place, it prevents loss and keeps the dust/debris away. Need one? You’re in luck we sell them here.

Take the batteries out of the device-To maintain the longevity of your batteries, take them out when you are not using the camera. This also prevents corrosion over time.


Put in a fridge-Putting your film in the fridge slows down the expiration process (just like your jug of milk) but stay mindful of the fact that higher ISO films are more affected by the ambient gamma rays that the fridge emmets when you open the door. You can also keep your film in a dark cupboard.

Keep it away from moisture and humidity– Film does NOT take kindly to the damp. If you live in a humid environment, its always a good idea to keep your film in an airtight bag, or if you’re ol skool, keep it in a bag of rice.

When you load that film roll, shoot it all-It’s ideal to use your film in one setting, so that you don’t forget it, and then when you go back to film something else, you open the chamber door and expose your film! (Yikes) We’ve all been there and it’s a dreadful feeling. We don’t want to you to experience that!


In an ideal world, each lens would have its own leather pouch. Thing is we don’t live in that world, not everyone has that kind of money, or time to make custom pouches. So, the best rule of them is the place the eye of your lens upward on a sturdy ledge or table. Also, here are some tips on cleaning them.

Hope these tips help keep your camera, film, and lenses in tip top shape. Leave a comment below if you have more tips for the readers!

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