How To Take Winning Polaroids With Colored Frames

Here’s a common misconception amongst photographers: that Polaroid is more of a “fun” photography aspect that isn’t truly serious or artistic. But O Contraire! The Polaroid camera is yet another tool to get deeply artistic and really create something that is unique in an instant! Picture Man Bob used his portable Lume Cube lights to add depth and color to his photography as he took pictures of everyone at Photodom. Take a look below!

Class pictures at Photodom. Shot by PictureMan Bob

While there are ways to peek into your pack of film (without exposing your film to the light!) it is often magical to have no idea what color is going to come next, and have it match quite nicely to whatever you have captured. If you would like to plan out your colors there is an easy trick! Take off the small black flap, and peek over the small film shield in the pack of film to see what next color border will shoot out of your camera next! Picture Man Bob’s favorite colors with these frames are the Red, Purple, Blue, and Green tones.

Picture Man Bob’s camera of choice: Polaroid SLR 680

Picture Man Bob is the Polaroid guru who is the newest member of the team at Photodom! Take a look at his colorful Instagram here! If you happen to see him around the store or shooting something in the neighborhood, don’t be shy, say hi!

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