Photodom Processes 5000 Rolls of Film and New Store Updates!

Since officially opening headquarters at 1717 Broadway in September, Photodom has been on a roll (hehe) creating a haven for photographers and creatives alike and the response has been overwhelming! Even through the midst of a worldwide pandemic and other various catastrophes, the store has continued to thrive! As of now, 5000 rolls of film have been submitted and processed through the Photodom lab! Thank you to everyone who has entrusted us with your photographic work as we are happy to bring it to light. Also, here are some exciting new additions to the store!

Photodom Tie Die Hoodie

This limited vibrant hoodie is the newest addition of Photodom apparel. Grab it here!

Reto 3D Camera– Take your photography to the next level! This camera takes 3 photos at once in order to garner a 3D effect.

BKIFI Camera Filters for Polaroid and Instax-If you love this film, BKIFI is kicking it up a notch in creating Heart filters for the Polaroid and Instax! In order to load it properly into your device, take a look at the installation demo here!

Black and White Processor– Black and white processing just got faster! We also do same-day processing for 35 mm process only.

DIY Darkroom Supplies– Interested in learning to process your film? Now you can do everything from start to finish. We now carry all the supplies you need from start to finish. We also have the the lab development kit available online, so that you can process your film without the need for a dark room.

Lab in a box

On-Demand Photo Printer– We now have a Fujifilm photo printer in store! Simply add your photos to the system and get your photos in the span of a few minutes.

Comment below to include your suggestions on what it would take to make Photodom great!

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