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5 Ways To Level Up Now That Kodak Film Prices Are Skyrocketing

In just one year, the prices for Kodak film have almost doubled in price. A box of Portra 400 was $41.99 last year and...

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10 Reasons to Embrace Medium Format Photography This Winter

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10 Reasons to Choose Film Photography for Wall Art

Film photography is a great choice for wall art, especially black and white and still life photography. Film has a unique look that is often described as being more "organic" or "natural" than digital photography. Black and white photography is a classic choice for wall art, and it can be used to create timeless and elegant images. Still life subjects are often simple and uncluttered, which makes them well-suited for the more traditional look of film. Film photography can also capture texture and depth in a way that digital photography often cannot. It is also a more personal medium that is often used to capture memories and experiences. Film photographs can also have a more timeless quality than digital photographs.

This Will Change the Way You Shoot Instant Photos

Just when we thought instant photography couldn’t get any...

The Top 10 Reasons to Shoot Film This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for creating memories...