The Nimble Nikon Lite Touch Is The Tiniest Winner

This camera is a sleek number, perfect for a hot date as it’s ready to dance at till dawn in its little black frame. The Nikon Lite Touch AF is ready at a moment’s notice, and its small size gives you the opportunity to capture up to a whopping forty shots, due to the fact that its size allows a shorter leader length.

This bad mamma jamma came on the scene in the good year of 1993, and its fixed lens gives ones the opportunity to take some great photos. In its prime, this camera was known to be tiniest, most weightless point and shoot around. Just a slight bigger than a credit card, it’s perfectly pocketable and unnoticeable, so that you can take some sneaky pics and slide it back into hiding before anyone notices. It’s also a third of a pound, so it won’t weigh down your clothing and won’t give the look of a conspicuous mini brick, subtly hiding in your back jeans pocket.

Photo By Jonatan Louis

It seems like a dream come true right? Yet are some particular things you gotta take into consideration before you take her for a night on the town.

First of all, this particular Nikon is all around plastic with capital P. So hold her carefully, as she’s not built for tough wear and tear. Also, this cam automatically shuts off after three minutes, which can be problematic when you are all ready to take a shot. Also, she’s a little slow to the party as there is approximately 20 seconds between shots, so if you’re trying to capture rapid photos of a friend killing it on the dance floor, it’s not gonna happen with this cam. Even though it’s easy and lightweight, this device definitely calls for a much more methodical approach to photography.

Photo By Celsinha

The Nikon Light Touch AF is simple in design, fully operational by the use of a total of four buttons. That makes it truly perfect for the novice photographer who doesn’t want to have to think about camera settings or shutter speeds. The camera actually setting an automatic film speed based off of the dx coding that is set on the film. Take a look at the chart below to determine what that would based off of the film you purchase in store. Keep this table in mind of how the camera will set your film so that you can be aware of under or overexposure.

One last thing to note, this Nikon Lite Touch AF has a special Panorama feature, which allows the frame to be extended for a wider, more cinematic view. However, this feature is positioned to be easily activated on the camera, a little too easily actually, and there is no indicator that it has been turned on. Therefore you may get longer shots that you didn’t expect.

Photo By Jonatan Louis


  • Weight – 5.5 ounces
  • Dimensions – 4.25″ W x 1.5″D x 2.5″ H
  • Lens – 28 mm f3.5 fixed lens, 3 elements.
  • Aperture range – f/3.5 – f/16
  • Panorama feature: extends to 13 x 36 mm frame.
  • ISO range – DX-coded cassettes, 100, 200, 400, 1000.  Non-DX coded are set at ISO 100. Film reminder window on film door.
  • Film transport – Autoloading, winding, rewinding.
  • Exposure – automatic, autofocus
  • Flash – integral, non-pop-up
  • Focus range – 12″ – infinity, “macro” close focus ability
  • Power – CR123A battery
  • Tripod Socket

All in all, the Nikon Lite Touch AF is a quality camera, as its compact and seamless design is perfect for the observant partier or the scenic photographer. We have one here at Photodom, get it while you can!

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