Top 5 Websites You Need To Win at Film Photography

Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell has been a photographer since the age of 12, and his knowledge of cameras and photography is incredibly vast. This site’s strength are in his in-depth interviews of virtually every camera he managed to get his hands on. He also gives insight on how to win cameras on Ebay, how to take a great photography, and so much more.

This website is a true gem. Daniel Butkus painstakingly scanned most analog film camera manuals right here on his site. So if you’re wondering how your camera works, or are interested in the many functions your device has, search for it on this webpage and check out that manual. It’s loaded with information, and chances are, the physical copy of your camera’s manual is long gone!


The wikipedia for cameras, this site gives you a lot of history behind the cameras, the companies that create them, and a lot of technical information about the camera itself. Such a great resource and really helps to gain more insight on the camera as a part of history and continual refinement in technology.

Digital Truth

Are you developing your film at home and would like to push/pull it the speed you shot it? This website is VITAL in understand the amount of time you need to process your film so that you get your desired results.


This site is so helpful if you are looking to determine the results that a particular camera or film may give. It’s basically the google of analog images. Simply search their site for your camera or film type and take a look at the various images that other photographers and hobbyists have taken. This site has archived over 16 million images and counting!

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